Tuesday, October 9

Pressing On

This was another early morning. Not as early as yesterday, we needed to get the truck in to a repair shop for maintenance. Once I got going, I started by setting up the bandsaw with a ¼” 10 TPI band and cutting Don’s over the sink cutting board to shape. You may recall that my final task last night was to trace around the pattern Don had sent to transfer the shape into the board blank. I cut a hair outside of the lines so I could sand down to the line and remove the saw marks. I did this with a stationary belt sander.

I use a marking gauge to make another line ¾” in from the edge along the under side of the outside edges. This is how far I need to cut a set-back or relief that will hug the two sides of the sink, allowing it to sit over the sink without falling in.

Next I set up the router table with a bowl bit to cut this relief. The long, third side: the hypotenuse of the triangle, for the mathematically inclined, remains square on the under side to encourage liquids to drip down instead of running along under the board. I form the relief by making multiple passes and setting the fence back a little on each pass until I reach the line I drew.

Finally I sand the entire board with 150, 180 & 220 grit paper then take it into the finishing room and apply a heavy coat of mineral oil, work it in with a cloth for 5 minutes making sure no dry spots develop, then wipe the excess oil off with another rag and buff the board to a soft luster.

That finishes up Don’s cutting board. Tomorrow I’ll package it up and ship it to him.

Now; back to Ellen’s tray tables. Today I will glue up two halves of a ribbon panel. To do this I take one of the panels I arranged and taped together yesterday and snip the tape along the mid-line. The full panel is about 15” wide, our surface planer will accommodate 13” widths, so I have to make them in halves, then join the halves. But we’ll get to all that later. For today, I apply glue to the joints between the ribbon strips using a fixture I built the lay the panel in a set of clamps. I carefully check the alignment of the ribbons as I snug up the clamps. I have only 1/16” extra wood to remove in smoothing the panels so they have to be pretty close to start with.

These will sit in their clamps over night. The rest of the afternoon is spent tending to some upkeep and cleaning chores.


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