Tuesday, September 25

Oiling Begins

I’ve begun the oiling process. I work in batches of 10 pair, dip each handle in the antique oil and set it up on the drip rack. Normally the oil is applied with a rag or foam brush but because I need to work with many, smaller pieces and do it quickly this method works more efficiently.

Once oiled, the handles need to sit for 5 minutes to give the oil time to penetrate. Usually by the time I get these 20 pieces dipped and stood on the drip rack it is just about time to begin the rubbing.

Starting with the first handles to be dipped, I use a soft lint free cloth and wipe away all excess oil then hang the handle by it’s slot to cure. Curing of the oil will take at least 8 hours.

Once those are done I’ll work on scuff sanding the batch I oiled yesterday so they will be ready for another coat of oil then get back to hand sanding the unfinished handles to the finer grits required before applying the oil.

I have decided instead of sanding all 110 pair to 150 grit before proceeding with the finer grits, I’ll get the final sanding done on the 50 pair that Ros has ordered so I can get the order ready to ship on time. Afterward I can resume sanding the other 60 pair to 150 grit so they can be added to our On Hand stock as ready-to-finish, allowing our customers to have their order finished as they desire.


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