Tuesday, September 4

Tuesday – Roughing out parts

Because yesterday was a holiday I did not get into the office to do the usual Monday bookwork, so that got done this morning. It was a double dose actually because it was also month end.

Do not, however, allow yourself to think that because I was not “on the clock” I was jus lounging around somewhere getting fat and lazy, noooo sir. I took advantage of the extra day to finish cleaning out another corner of the lumber shed which was formerly our workshop. This corner was the finishing area – lots of cans and bottles to move, and 2 cabinets to pull down & scrub out and move inside the new finishing area. This took most of the day. Getting back to woodworking is almost like a vacation after that.

So, after lunch I got the parts for Gilda’s breakfast tray table roughed out. Actually, I got enough parts for two tables roughed out. While cleaning up outside I found a breakfast tray table panel all made up, wrapped and tucked away; an extra from some past time I made breakfast tables. It must have been a while back though as it is a parquet style tray. We have been making the ribbon panels for over a year. So I will make one of each and allow Gilda to choose the one she prefers and put the other in the On Hand section. Christmas is coming, it’s time to start stocking up the On Hand area to help buffer the demand later on.

Marie and I have an appointment this evening, so I’m quitting for the day to go get cleaned up and changed.

See you tomorrow.


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