Tuesday, September 18

Shaping the Handles

Today I begin the final shaping of the handle blanks we milled out last week. There are two steps involved in this shaping, both done on the router table. This is one of those instances where having two router tables would be very handy, but since we don’t we’ll just have to get along with the one.

The first step is to round-over the edges; both around the outside edge and inside the handle hole, but just on the outside face. So some attention should be paid to the handle blank to decide which face should be the outside face, or face that shows. Then we use a round-over bit to accomplish the shaping. No template is needed this time because the pilot bearing runs on the handle itself.

By the end of the day I have all but a handful of the blanks rounded over, and those are waiting on filler to dry.

I also applied the first coat of oil for Catherine’s order of 4 pair of bag handles. This order was filled from On-Hand stock that completed but unfinished. This is where the extra handles I’m making now will go when they’re done.


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