Wednesday, September 5

Wednesday – Trimming & Shaping Parts

Today was spent trimming and shaping the parts I roughed out yesterday for Gilda's breakfast tray table. But I started by surface planning a nice board absolutely smooth on both faces then ripping it into thin strips (5/16 inch). The absolutely smoot faces are now my glue joints. When the strips are laid flat and held together with three lengths of wide masking tape, I set up my ribbon panel glue-up jig and had clamps at the ready.

A good sized panel like this means I must work quickly to get the glue in and the panel positioned and clamped before the glue in the first few joints starts to set up. I'm using a type 3 polyurethane glue for this because of it's extra strength and resistance to water weakening the joints.

Once the panel is clamped up I can move it aside and leave it for tomorrow.

Making the other parts consists of trimming them to exact size, milling the groove in the tray rails that will house the tray panel, cutting the matching angles on both ends of the legs, then laying them out for out the holes that must be drilled and the radiused corner that will allow the legs to fold up. I first lop of the excess wood at these corners with the chop saw, then radius then with a stationary belt sander. A ½” hole is bored part way through for the dowel spreader, a 7/32” hole is drilled all the way through for the pivot screw, then the edges are rounded over on the router table. I also round over the edges of the leg mounting blocks and lay out their pilot holes

And that completes parts creation. Tomorrow we will do the assembly work.

See you then.


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