Wednesday, July 18

Wednesday – Floor & Ceiling

Once again I started off the day by working on the small projects to get those duties out of the way. Phyllis’ bag handles look good and the poly is set up hard, so I packaged them and processed the shipping label. Then I scuff sanded Deborah’s stopper rack, tacked it off and rubbed on another coat of oil. It will set until tomorrow morning.

Then I got back to work on Blake & Marilyn’s curio. Today I’ll install the floor and ceiling panels. So I start by roughing out a couple of pieces from a panel of ¼” thick, birch plywood. The first of these se I trimmed to exact size, sanded the edges smooth and test fitted into the bottom of the cabinet. It needed just a little more trimmed off of one end, sanded again then it popped right into place.

This cabinet is equipped with levelers at each corner, to compensate for any unevenness in the floor. To access them, a flat bladed screwdriver is poked down through small holes in the floor panel to engage a screw slot in the top of the leveler. Turn the screw clockwise to lower the foot. So I needed to lay-out and drill these holes, then sand the top surface of the panel smooth.

After applying glue to the floor supports and perimeter cleats I laid the panel in place and weighted it down until the glue tacked up.

While I waited, I trimmed up the ceiling panel and laid out the overhead light locations. These can lights mount flush to the ceiling panel, with their bodies hidden up behind the crown molding. I need to cut circular holes in the panel for the lights to mount in.

To mount the panel I flipped the cabinet upside down – enlisting the aid of gravity makes this job quite a bit easier. The can lights are mounted temporarily just to be sure they will fit properly. Once I was sure everything was OK, out came the glue and weigts again. While the glue tacked up, I took a break.

When it was ready I rolled the cabinet up on it’s side and bore a hole in the upper-back where the electric cord will pass through. I’ll mount the grommet shown in the hole to dress it up even though it will be in back and out of sight.

And that, friends and neighbors, completes the construction phase of this cabinet. I still have to install the brass shelf support sockets, lock trim rings, permanently install and wire the lights and of course mount the glass and mirrors; but all that has to wait until after the cabinet has been stained and finished. Then we’ll put in the finishing pretty bits.

But for now, this is as much as I can do. It’s time to send a note to Blake & Marilyn asking permission to run the third payment. They’ve been very prompt about responding to these before, I expect they will be again and I will be able to start the finishing phase in the morning.

But that’s all for today; time for some supper and a shower, and some time with my sweetie.

So join us again tomorrow.


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