Saturday, July 14

Saturday – Catching Up

Normally I reserve Saturdays as a day for working in the yard or on the house, but because I’ve spent so much time in the past two weeks on extra-curricular activities, I need to do a little catching up today. The yard will have to wait another week.

I started off the day by doing what I meant to get to yesterday and didn’t; installing the base molding on Blake & Marilyn’s curio cabinet. This took quite a bit longer than I anticipated because it required using my longest clamps, and I’d get one end in position, with a clamp pad under the jaw, go to the other end to position it, and the first end would slip out of alignment. I needed a clone today. But through the use of some spring clamps to help corral the far ends, I got the three base molding pieces glued and clamped in position.

Then it was back to bag handles. I finished up Deborah’s cherry handles that I started yesterday, and stained a pair of poplar handles for Phyllis, whose order came in this morning. They both need to sit over night. Debora’s order should be ready to ship Monday morning. Phyllis requested polyurethane finish, so it will be a couple more days on hers. Not counting Sunday… we don’t work Sunday.

See you Monday!


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