Friday, July 13

Friday – Multi-Tasking

Today I need to accomplish a number of things. In addition to working on Blake & Marilyn’s curio I need to make some cherry bag handles and get a wall hung stopper rack started. Since some of this work will need to be done on the band saw, which is still out in the old show – now a lumber shed, and it’s going to get hot out there this afternoon I’ll start with those tasks this morning while it’s cool.

Bag handles are one of those items that we can make from cut-offs left over from other projects, especially when we are making a small batch of handles. Here we have a collection of board ends that are ideally suited to this project.

Making handles in small batches also allows me to make the handles as matched pairs. By resawing the thick board into two thin boards, then keeping the aligned and sequenced, the handles will come out with their grain and coloring perfectly matching. This is exceptionally difficult to do when making a large batch of several hundred handles.

For detailed notes on how bag handles are made see the article posted in the In The Shop section of our web site:
I got two pair of maple and 5 pair of cherry handles made up. I already had some walnut, so I used one of those and a pair of these cherry handles to make up Caroline’s order. The rest of what I made are set aside, unfinished, so that you good folks may order them with any finish you like. Caroline’s walnut handles got a lacquer finish, which goes on quickly, so they are done. They cherry handles get a hand rubbed oil finish; they will take at least two days to complete.

Then I moved on to Deborah’s stopper rack. I got the parts blanks milled out from rough lumber, and made the parts needed, but did not get the final shaping or assembly done.
It’s Friday and my wife and I have a standing date for Friday evening, so I can’t work late today. I may pop in tomorrow; it’s supposed to rain and that will preclude doing any yard work.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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