Friday, July 20

Friday - Finish Sanding

I'm still waiting for a response from Blake; it's summer, they may be away from home. So rather than delaying everything unnecessarily I decided to go ahead and get started on the finish sanding while I wait. Technically, all I'm restricted from doing before we get the third progress payment is staining the piece. And there is a lot of sanding to do before I get to that point.
Since the front of the cabinet has most of the fancy moldings wit their complex shapes, I decided to start there, that way it just gets easier as I work my way around the cabinet. To make it more comfortable to work on I laid the cabinet down and raised it off the floor on some chairs. A short stool would be great for this, but I don't have one so my knees do the job.
It will take at least two maybe three days to get the sanding done. Along the way I'll make up a stain sample board using wood from this project, the stain that was ordered. One with and one without a wood conditioner. I suspect that the Varathane stain we're using now will turn out very nice without the conditioner, but I want to be sure before I start in on the cabinet.
This is Friday, so I'll be back at this on Monday. Hope you have a great weekend!

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