Friday, July 27

Friday – Ahhh… That’s better!

I haven’t heard back from Blake or Marilyn, but I can’t imagine that they will approve this color and I don’t have anything else on hand that will be any better, so it’s time to do some tweaking.

I start off by resawing some scrap maple from this project into thin boards. These I surface plane and cross-cut into stain sample blanks.

I sand a few of them – but this time I sand only to 150 grit to start, apply the wood conditioner, let it dry, then sand to 180 grit. And I’ll stop there.

Now I break out my color chemistry set and begin experimenting.

Eventually I came up with two colors that I like. The one on the left is still a little purple; but not inordinately so, the other is more brown. One of these ought to fit the bill.

When the order was placed, they told me to stain it “an antique cherry color.” Well, furniture manufacturers market “antique cherry” furniture that ranges from deep red-purple to dark brown, so one person’s interpretation of antique cherry may be different from another’s, so I’ll send them to Blake & Marilyn and see which they like best. Both are now legitimately in the ball park, so it will depend on which they prefer.

This afternoon I will make a run into Newport and buy the special plywood for the cabinet backs and the timbers I need for another lumber rack – I have a load of white oak due to arrive soon.
Tomorrow we clean up a building that will be the new home of Treasures Of Appalachia, which has served as our physical showroom for the past 5 years. We lost the lease on the old building, so we are grateful to have been provided with another. Once it has been opened up (next week) we will move all of the things that have been available in our "Stuff On Hand" section to the T.O.A. gallery.
See you Monday!


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