Thursday, July 12

Thursday – Fixed Shelf Tray

I had a few computer maintenance chores and a web site update to handle this morning, but these didn’t take long. Then I got going on installing the wooden tray that supports the fixed center glass shelf. I used the molding strips I milled out previously and cut the mitered corners then carefully placed the pieces into the casework. The front and back pieces are glued to the front and back center rails, but the ends are “free flying” as the only case parts they could attach to would be the doors – and we can’t do that or the doors wouldn’t open! I reinforced the mitered corner joints with 2” long finish nails driven in from the ends.

I also mounted the doors, installed (temporarily) the door locks and tested the fit and operation of the doors and locks. The humidity changes are causing the wood to move a bit, but I don’t think it’s anything that will be a problem once we get the glass installed.

I finished up the day by milling out boards for the baseboard pieces, routing an ogee on the upper edge and mitering the corners. Then I laid out the fancy cut-out shape on the lower edge of the front baseboard, cut that out and sanded it smooth. Sanding in the scrolls was done with pieces of sand paper stuck to a 1” diameter dowel with carpet tape.

The base boards are not yet attached, I need to cut out an opening in the skirt of the cabinet behind the baseboard scrolls. I’ll get to that tomorrow. I’ll also need to work on a couple of small projects that have come up. But we’ll get to those in tomorrow’s episode.

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