Wednesday, December 7

Shooting lacquer was the primary order of the day.
With the issues I ran into yesterday resolved I attached the top cap (had to set the thing on the floor because it was too tall to work with while up on the work bench) and began the final round of sanding.

Then I move the candle rack into the finishing room and shoot the first coat of lacquer.

The rack will get three coats with a scuff sanding between the second and third coat to smooth the finish.
While I wait for lacquer to dry I dig out my template set for the wall hung stopper racks and sort through my short lumber stash.  I'm going to whip out a few of these rack because I have a request for a cherry rack and making three or four of these will go quickly if done in a batch.  Then it's on to Gary's Heritage Cradle.
When it's done, this is what the candle rack looks like.  I only have one of the candle cups, but it should hold 252 of the candles.  Hopefully that will be enough to serve their needs for a while.

I have to go clean up the finishing room before I go home.  Thanks for watching, and I'll see you tomorrow.

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