Friday, December 9

Making parts blanks was my task of the day.
 I started by thinning and sanding the shelf pieces as I discussed yesterday. That took a while.

Next came trimming the lumber for the sides and shelves to finished size and shaping the side pieces with the band saw and stationary belt sander.  The shelves had their ends trimmed and squared then I bundled up enough (upper right corner) to make the three racks that are in progress.
After bundling, they get punched to locate the centers of the holes that will hold the stopper corks.

This much actually took all afternoon because of the lack of a surface planer. 

The parts I ordered from Grainger should have been here by now: it's been over a week.  I logged into their web site to check on the order.  I used order number from the printed receipt, date, and item number, but they kept saying "Order not found".  Even my order history showed that I made no order - even though they sent me three (count them: three) emails confirming account set-up, order and payment.  In other words, I'm not getting any machine keys from Grainger.  So I started my search all over again.  My second choice was Fastenal.  They don't sell individual keys, but a 12 inch long stick that I will need to cut to length.  I called the store in Morristown hoping they'd have them in stock.  They don't.  Neither does the Sevierville store.  Maybe the Knoxville store, but I'm not spending half a day (or more, depending on the traffic) driving to Knoxville and back for a $2.00 part.  The guy at Fastenal said he could could still get an order in for shipment today and have it drop-shipped to me here. I should have it by Monday, Tuesday at the latest.  That sounded good.  I'll let you know on Tuesday if that worked out.

I hope you have a GREAT weekend!

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