Monday, December 26

Normally I don't get any woodworking done on Mondays at all, this is my day to do the weekly radio
program, catch up on maintenance of the various web sites I've built for people, and do our weekly
computer system back-ups so we don't lose everything on a computer should one of them go kablewie!  But all that went very well today and I got done early enough to get some woodworking done.  
I started by using the new oscillating spindle sander to shape the inside curves of the top-side
pieces.  This gadget does a very nice job of sanding to a line and leaving a much smoother surface (no scratches) than a standard drum sander does because the sander pumps up and down while it spins.  This one also has a short belt sander attachment that can pop into place of the drum: it oscillates too.

Next I cut the 8° angles on the ends of the lower sides using my monster miter gauge on the table

Now the jointed lower edge of the head piece and the jointed upper edge of the lower-side mate up so I can glue them together for a nice continuous look.

I use a scrap of the strip I cut off of the bottom edge when I trimmed the lower side to width and
beveled the lower edge to lay against the bevel to protect it from crushing by the clamps.  It has
the same bevel as the bigger piece, I just put it back in place and use a couple of spring clamps to keep it from riding up the bevel when I snug up the clamps.

I use three bar clamps just as a rack to support the pieces with enough space underneath to allow the spring clamps to be used.  They are not clamping anything.

I'll let these set up hard and head home for the evening.  Back to a day of woodworking tomorrow. 

See you then!

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