Friday, December 2

Now that the long shelf parts have been glued up it's time to cut the stub ends and glue them in place.
But first, I'll finish off the long edges.  Although I was careful in my alignment and clamping, there will be some small amount of misalignment as well as some glue squeeze-out.  I'll run these shelves through the jointer with the bottom against the fence to take a light cut from the front and back edges.
The result is a nice clean edge that very nearly looks like a solid piece of wood, and needs only a little sanding to remove the planer ripples to dress out very nicely.
Now I work at making the end filler pieces.  I start by cutting the ends off of each shelf using the miter saw.  Because the piece I cut off is needed, I have to insure that it does not get chewed up or tossed off someplace.
But these parts are far too small to risk holding them by hand, so I clamp the long piece in position, then use a piece of scrap wood as a hold-down to hold the end bit in place as I cut it off.  This way I don't risk losing any fingers.  I'm rather fond of my fingers.

Because the long piece is clamped firmly in place and is positioned precisely on the blade's cut line, it makes a great cradle for  cutting the end piece to length so it will fit between the front and back rails.
With that cut - and any shaggy bits sanded off - I apply glue and clamp it in position.

Once the glue dries these ends will also get a light trim to even up the parts.
But for now I work at sanding the inside of the trough - which I can do with the clamps in place - by cutting a scrap block so that it just fits in the trough with sand paper wrapped around it.

With this I can sand the bottom as well as the inside edges of the rails.  I don't bother with any of the outside surfaces yet because we are not yet done shaping these shelves.  But this is as far as I'll get today.

See you next time!

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