Wednesday, November 2

Yesterday (Tuesday) I came in to remove the clamps from the tables finish making the screw hole plugs, then needed to drive Mom to a doctors appointment in Morristown.

Today I launched back into completing these tables.  I started by sanding the outside faces of the tray rails.  The first pass is done with a power sander to remove mill marks and nicks left from construction.  I use filler blocks in the vice so I'm clamping to the tray panel not the more delicate tray rails while I sand.

At this point the outside edges of the rails are still square, after sanding the rail faces smooth, I use the router table to round-over the upper and lower edges with a generous curve for a pleasant fit in your hand when you carry the trays.  I use a smaller radius round-over on the inner edge to help keep things on the tray.
Once the round-overs are made I sand with a fine grit of paper to smooth the new round-overs and the scratches left by the power sander.  From here on out all sanding is done by hand.
Next I lay the table base on the table tray and check the fit.  The leg mount blocks need to fit snugly in the corners, but there can be no binding at the top or bottom of the legs.  At this point I can disassemble the leg set and trim a smidge off the spreaders if the fit is too tight, or I can add a washer or two to the mounting block joint(s) if the fit is too loose. These are just right, so I can move on to the next step.
Which  is to glue in the screw hole plugs in both table bases and the stand.  Once the glue tacks up a bit I can trim off the stumps and sand them flush.
Then I can glue the leg mount blocks and the latch block to the underside of the trays.  These are important glue joints so I'll let the glue set up over night before I work with them further.
But I can and do proceed with the finish sanding and first coat of lacquer on the stand.

That uses up this day.  Tomorrow I'll finish sand and lacquer the tables.  I'll be "in the field" in the morning, but will spend the afternoon here.  I expect to get the lacquering completed tomorrow, the skim coat of poly will go on Friday and I'll give that the weekend to set up good and hard.  If nothing unexpected pops up, these tables will be ready to ship on Monday.

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