Wednesday, November 9

My woodworking time today hit a speed bump: The surface planer broke down - something gone wonky in the drive pulley.  Unfortunately I don't have the tool I need to pull the pulley off and see what's what.  Someone I know may have one, but he is not at home.  So until I get the tool I need the surface planer is out of play.
I needed to smooth and thickness the walnut  "plank" I made for the rack body and base.  Without the surface planer I had to use the wide drum sander; which does a good job, it's just really, really slow about the thicknessing part of the task because I can't take off more than 1/64" per pass.  the planer can take off 1/8" per pass if I want to - I generally don't, but I could if I wanted to.  So, instead of taking 10 minutes to dress the plank, it took over an hour.
Then I moved on to the shelves.  Yesterday I milled the stock as long strips.  Today I cut the strips to the proper length using my big miter fence on the table saw.  I cut only the 5 shelves I need for this project, the rest of the strips will be set aside to be cut to the proper length for standard racks the next time I make a batch.  Making the shelves now would just slow this project down.
Once all the shelves are cut to proper size I bundle them up and mark them with the template for the holes.

Once the first five holes are punched I'll poke a punch rod through the hole in the middle of the template, place that in the fifth punch mark then mark the final two holes.
Then it's over to the drill press, with a Forstner bit installed where I bore the seven holed down through all five shelves at once: this insures the spacing side to side and front to back is the same on all shelves.  The wood curls whirl around as they some up out of the hole - it's kind of fun to see how long they will hang together; sort of like peeling an apple and seeing if you can keep the peel in one long piece.
With all the holes drilled, I'll round off the front corners with the stationary belt sander then remove the tape that binds the stack together.

And that's all I have time for tonight.  Tomorrow I'll finish the shelves and cut the body parts. 

See you then!

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