Wednesday, November 16

Today I finished finishing the 35 holer stopper rack for Robert. That involved shooting a second coat of lacquer, when that dried scuff sanding the rack to smooth the first two coats, tacking the dust off and shooting a final coat.

When that was hard I attached the silicone "feet".

While waiting for the lacquer coats to dry I worked on another hoop house for my garden.  Two down, three to go.  These make it possible to continue growing some vegetables all through the winter.
Then I packaged the rack in a suitably sized box padded with air pillows.  These are great for packaging; they are very light weight - which helps to keep shipping cost down, and they are made of recyclable plastics so when they get where they are going, please remember to recycle. 

This project is done and ready to ship as soon as payment is received.

Next up: a memorial candle rack. 

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