Monday, November 7

I brought in the packaging materials over the weekend and began slicing up the 4'x8' Styrofoam sheet and blocks of Styrofoam (saved from various shipments we've received) for the padding and filler pieces I'll need to insure that the tables will arrive intact.  A few of our past customers have commented that they weren't sure whether to be more impressed by the craftsmanship of the tables or the care we put into packaging them!

We have boxes custom made for these tables by a box company in Morristown TN.  They are sized to be *just barely* within the range of a first tier oversize shipment.  Any larger and they'd slide into the next tier and shipping cost would increase significantly.  This being a two table set instead of the usual four table set, I could cut the box down by about 3 inches, but the effort and time spent doing this is wasted because there would be no reduction in shipping cost, so I simply use foam blocks to fill the empty space.

Once the packaging is done, I seal up the box, run a shipping label and order a pick-up from Fed Ex for Monday.  The shipping process allows me to have an eMail sent to my customer so they know the shipment has been processed and will have the tracking number so she can follow it's progress and/or get an estimated delivery date.  Because this package is insured for $500, a signature will be required upon delivery so Fed Ex does not just drop it on a doorstep and leave.

That completes this project.  Today (Monday) I'll clear away the packaging supplies, put away all the templates and jigs for the tables and start on the 5 tier stopper rack.  Beyond that I have a memorial candle stand to build, then a Heritage Cradle in ash wood, and a batch of wall hung stopper racks, at least one of which needs to be all cherry for a request.  Then I'll get started on a barn wood headboard as my wife's Christmas present.  So, I still have plenty of sawdust to make before the year is out.  Thanks for following along!

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