Thursday, November 10

Completing the shelves and cutting the body parts was the order of the day for my woodworking time. 

I started by rounding over the front, sides and holes on all the shelves, this gives them a much classier look and feel, sanding everything smooth completes the shelves and they get set aside.

Then I lay out the body parts.  The sides use a stair-step set-up to support the shelves, the base plate needs to be cut to exactly the same width as the baffles that go in under the front edges of all but the lowest shelf.  I use the big miter fence to be sure this happens.

The sides get bundled together and cut as a single piece to insure that the steps are exactly even on both sides.  This just avoids hassles in the assembly stage.

I still don't have my surface planer fixed, so I'll have to pull out the "spare" tomorrow so I can finish making the parts I'll need for this rack.
Our contribution to the latest Habitat for Humanity house is complete now, so I'll be able to put some longer hours into the woodworking here on most days.  I still have other obligations to fulfill, so it won't be full days, but more than what I've had for the past week or so.

See you tomorrow.

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