Friday, October 21

Today we make legs. 

The process starts by rough cutting the lumber to approximate size, jointing and surface planing it smooth and trimming to finished size. Then I  use my leg templates to lay out the six pilot holes and 5 counter bores and 1 countersink that will allow me to use screws to assemble the table bases.  I bore these holes with a drill press.

Then I sand.

After that I pre-finish the insides of the scissor joint where the legs pivot and the pivot point at the top of each outside leg that attaches to a mounting block.  I use washers to prevent the wood of the legs from rubbing heavily together and assemble the joints with wood screws.  Most of the screws will be hidden under wooden plugs once I'm certain everything fits properly.

By day's end I have four leg-pairs made up and ready to go - enough for the two tables we need.  These are the first sub-assembly of the table bases. 

Why aren't I making up enough for a dozen tables?  Mostly because that  would delay production of the set that we've promised by the end of the month.  I'll do a run of tables later, after I got the things that I was foolish enough to promise by a certain date done.  I'm not supposed to be doing that anymore, but old habits die hard.

Our shop is closed on weekends, Mondays are Radio Program day so check back with us on Tuesday.

See you then!

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