Thursday, October 20

I was reminded today that there is an order for a pair of tray tables in line ahead of the oversized stopper rack, so, even though I'm already in stopper rack mode, I need to put all this stuff away and drag out the tray table stuff.
But first, I boxed up the three stopper racks and stuck them in the store room, this way when an order comes in all I have to do is run a label and out they go.

We bought flats of boxes sized to fit these racks so I would not have to be forever scrounging for boxes the right size.  They also look nicer.

Packing, on the other hand is whatever I have on hand, mostly what I've saved from incoming packages when I order supplies.  I appreciate the corn starch "foam peanuts" because a little water (like rain) will cause them to instantly melt away to nothing, unlike Styrofoam which hangs around for a bazillion years.  I also save recyclable plastic air pillows for filling larger voids and shredded paper.

Once that's done I clean up a bit, put away the stopper rack templates and supplies and get out the tray table templates, jigs and fixtures.  I also find that I have some parts left over from the last run, so I start off with a leg up on the process.

Now I need to decide what parts I will need to make and select lumber for them.  Then I'll start the milling process by prepping the lumber.

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