Tuesday, October 4

Old Timey Days entrance & signs

I spent last week building a n entryway arch and 10 large sign boards for the Old Timey Days section of the county's annual Harvest Street Festival.  It had been raining on and off, so it was necessary to build them inside the shop.  The entryway proved to be just a bit snug!  It's 15 feet long and 8' high.

We used wood from a 60 year old barn that was recently torn down, most of it is red oak, but I encountered some white oak, poplar and even maple as I cut the boards into parts.
Somehow it did not seem nearly as massive once it was set-up on the street downtown.  Still, we received many great compliments on our rustic entryway.  The Tourism Department Director and volunteers did the decorating.  Pretty nice huh?

Once the event was over, the entryway breaks down into four parts (two fence panels, two uprights) and the branch/arch with the removal of just 8 screws.  This makes it easy to take down and store away until needed again, and just as easy to put up again next time.


  1. What a lovely creation! I told you I wish I had been able to attend the annual Harvest Street Festival! It all looks amazing and I'm sure a fun time was had by all! #SimpleJoys :-)

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  3. Most of downtown Newport gets blocked off and the streets, courthouse lawns and various parking lots are used to set up several stages, vendor booths, assorted displays - a county fair without the livestock!

    The Old Timey area is always my favorite part: story tellers, cloggers, antique appraisal, antique tractor show, antique trucks and old world crafters.

    Guests were given a ballot card to use in voting for the best decorated vendor booths - this entryway received a fair number of write-in votes (which were disallowed, but nice to know). Of course, the Tourism gals get most of the credit, they did the decorating, but the barnwood fence and arch made a unique foundation on which to build.


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