Friday, October 7

Friday October 7th

My woodworking time today was spent hand sanding the shelves for the 3-Tier stopper racks then gluing and clamping them to the rack bodies.  Sanding takes a bit of time because of the gentle round-overs on the shelf edges and the holes.  As I sand each shelf I glue and clamp it to the rack body.  By the time the second rack is done I can remove the clamps from the first rack and use them on the third. I can keep this rotation going for as long as needed.

Once the glue dried and I could remove the clamps I took the racks back to the work room, affixed tabs of masking tape and laid out the peg holes in the shelves using my small Incra ruler and a thin lead mechanical pencil.  When all the shelves are laid out I'll use the drill press to bore holes for the walnut dowels that will be my shelf pegs.

Positioning these holes is fairly important to insure that the hole does not bust through the wood of the side pieces.  Even just getting too close to the side will allow glue to weep through the wood when I drive in the dowel - and that makes a mess when it comes time to finish the wood.

This session is about used up, so I'll let the glue set up overnight and bore holes next time.  See you then!

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