Tuesday, January 4

Walnut Trunk – Tray Panel; Smoothing

I opened the day by pulling the covers off the walnut lumber stack and carrying in more than enough lumber to build Shelly’s set of tray tables.  This lumber will need to sit a while to acclimate to the shop conditions or the lumber will tend to do all manner of ugly things as I cut the boards into smaller pieces.  The lumber is dry – it’s been air drying for several years, but it has been quite humid and cold outside and not so much inside.  Besides, I still have to complete David’s trunk before I can move on to the next project.

I removed the clamps from the tray panel blank I glued up last time, scraped the glue ridges off of the joints and sanded the panel smooth on the wide drum sander.  This is a slow process so that took a while.  Near the end of that process Tim came in to pick up an old tank-like rear time roto-tiller to take I down to his shop for restoration.

This thing has been loving on my loading dock for a while, weighs as much as Tim and I put together and getting it down into Tim’s trailer was just more fun than humans should be allowed!

It's Advil Time!

Thanks for looking in, I’ll see you next time!

Production List:

2 Walnut Tray Tables with Stand for Jacklyn & Mark - In Transit
Walnut Steamer Trunk for David B. – In Progress
Kitchen organizer - Marie B.- Awaiting Details
Utility Trailer Make-Over for David B. - In Progress but Stalled
4 Tray Tables, All Walnut (custom size) with stand for Shelly
3-Tier Bottle Stopper Rack, all red Oak for Donna
4-Tier Bottle Stopper Rack Cherry & Maple for David K.
3-Tier Bottle Stopper Rack (Standard) for Dan G.
Computer Desk for Laptop for Marie B.
Printer Cabinet for Marie B.
4 TV Tray Tables and Stand in maple for Jeffrey P.

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