Friday, January 7

Walnut Trunk – Tray Completion

After removing the clamps and inspecting my glue-up job I take the tray back out to the tool room and do the construction sanding on the outside of the tray’s surfaces.  The insides were completely sanded prior to assembly.  Construction sanding means I use 100 grit and 120 grit papers to remove and glue ridges, even  up any discrepancies at the corners and complete the shaping where the rounded over upper edges of the ends meet the side pieces.  Then I sand away any pencil marks or milling marks (the tiny ripples that can be left by the surface planer and jointer) to produce smooth even surfaces.  When that’s done I move on to finish sanding the entire exterior with 150 grit and 180 grit papers.

When the sanding is completed, I brush the loose sanding dust out, vacuum it, then use a tack rag to get what dust was left behind.  Now it’s ready for lacquering.  Into the finishing room I go, assemble and set up the HVLP sprayer and fill it with semi-gloss lacquer.  I’ll shoot two complete coats, allowing them to dry between, then scuff sand the entire tray to smooth the surface and shoot one final coat.

This tray gets no hardware mounted to it, so it is done and will be set aside while I complete the rest of the trunk.  That won’t be long now!

Thanks for looking in, I’ll see you next time!

What We’re Building:

Walnut Steamer Trunk for David B. – In Progress
Kitchen organizer - Marie B.- Producing Design
Utility Trailer Make-Over for David B. - In Progress, sort of
4 Tray Tables, all walnut (custom size) with stand for Shelly
3-Tier Bottle Stopper Rack, all red oak for Donna
4-Tier Bottle Stopper Rack cherry & maple for David K.
3-Tier Bottle Stopper Rack (Standard) for Dan G.
Computer Desk for Laptop for Marie B.
Printer Cabinet for Marie B.
4 TV Tray Tables and stand in maple for Jeffrey P.

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