Thursday, December 27


I checked Cheryl’s tray tables this morning and found that the oil had cured out quite nicely; a very even color and tone. So there is no need to apply another coat and risk creating a not-so-matte sheen.

So I set about packing them up into one of our custom made boxes and processing the shipment and final payment. Our UPS man picked them up this afternoon, so they are on their way to Texas.

It is a warm sunny day this afternoon, so I decided to use the opportunity to get caught up a little out in the lumber shed. I have about 1000 board feet of oak out there that arrived over the past couple of weeks and needs to be sealed, sorted and sticker-stacked. It has been drizzly and cold lately so I’ve been putting this task off for a while. Beside, I was busy trying to get those two sets of tray tables built and out.

We decided that in the future we will close the workshop on Christmas eve day and not reopen it until after New Years day. We will use the time in between to take inventory, clean things up and attend to the chores that always pile up after the hectic Christmas season. We made a few other decisions as well, but you wouldn’t be interested in those.

Tomorrow I will be at Treasures for one last time, so I’ll see you again on Monday.

Have a great weekend!.


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