Tuesday, December 18


The day started off well; a couple of new orders to process, and a couple of deliveries accomplished safely.

Then I got back to gluing up full panels. While each of these was setting up I worked on stand parts. I started by shaping the handles with a router to give them a nice well-rounded feel. Then I bored the countersunk screw holes in the stand sides and the pilot holes in the ends of the spreaders and handles.

Next I milled out the tabs for the support arms and glued them to the arms. Then I start sanding. As I get the parts sanded, I assemble the stands.

Then I start trimming and sanding the ribbon panels and sanding the backer panels. This is when I found the mistake. I need 8 ribbon panels to build two sets of walnut tray tables… I only have seven. I have no idea how that happened, I was sure I made enough of them. Marie and I searched the shop to be sure I hadn’t set one aside somewhere, found nothing. So we ripped out more strips and I glued them into two half panels. These have to sit overnight because of the tensions within them; the glue must be good and hard before I remove the clamps.

So I went ahead and assembled the 7 that I have the parts for and made up some walnut screw hole plugs. That’s about as far as I can go for tonight. I’ll get an early start on it again tomorrow.

See you then,

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