Wednesday, December 26


This entire day has been spent finish sanding and applying hand rubbed oil to Cheryl’s tray table set.

They’re looking good – at least for now. The oil requires 24 hours to cure before I will be able to tell if they need a second coat. This set is to have a matte finish: flat, no shine at all, so I’m hesitant to put another coat on if I can avoid it, for additional coats will start to build a surface film and create a shine, and she was explicit about wanting a dead flat finish.

Scotts tables were completed, packed and shipped out over the past few days. His had a satin lacquer finish. They turned out well too. We got some *very* interesting patterns in the ribbon panels; very pretty.

I am now done with my assigned tasks for today, so I’m going to go home.

See you tomorrow.


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