Wednesday, December 12


Among today’s accomplishments was to get the final half-panels glued up for Scotts tables and Cheryl’s tables. Over the next few days I will continue to glue up panels for the oak tables and the cherry tables.

Today I also sliced up a couple of sheets of 1/8” Baltic Birch plywood for use as the backer panels in the Tray Tables. These panels are the backbone of these tables, so they need to be exactly the right size and perfectly square. I broke out the big crosscut sled, my best tape measure and kept the pencil sharp. All went well, only one of the dozen panels came out askew and that only by 1/32 of an inch; but I trashed it anyway. We’ll use that piece for something else.

I also built Kathy’s stopper rack and Karen’s stopper rack, and finished a pair of bag handles for Sandra. Later in the day I packaged the handles up and shipped them out.

And that consumed yet another long day. These 5:00 am to 9:00 pm days are beginning to wear on me. I’ll be glad when we get past the “gotta have it by Christmas” orders and I can go back to a normal workday once again.

See you tomorrow,

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