Monday, December 3

Making Spreaders

Spreaders are the bow-tie shaped pieces that fit in between the leg sets to hold them in position and keep the rigid. I start the process by chunking up some rough lumber and surface planning it to the proper thickness, then ripping it on the table saw to the proper width.

Then I set up the Incra miter fence and trim the blanks to finished length. I trim a bit off each end so I am certain that they are square on both ends – if they’re not, they’ll tend to pull the legs into odd shapes.

Next I take the completed blanks and trace the shape onto them with my templates. I also mark the locations for the pilot holes in the ends. Each table has an upper spreader and a lower spreader, each is a bit different in shape because the upper one also works with the latch block to hold the table in the open position.

It’s chilly today and my pups decide to hang out with me, even if it is noisy. They spent their time making sure that blanket on the floor of my office doesn’t go anywhere. They’re so helpful!

The next step is to cut the arches into the spreaders with the band saw. Two arches on the lower spreaders, only one on the upper.

Then I set up the drill press with a stop block and drill pad so I can bore the oblong holes in the upper spreader for the latching mechanism.

And that will do it for today. I stack the new parts together with the legs I made last week. Tomorrow we’ll complete the spreaders. But for today, I’ve had enough. I was here at 4:00 this morning to get a head start on the weekly and monthly bookkeeping so I wouldn’t spend half the day on all that. I’ll be back after supper, but will be working on other things this evening.

Have a great night!


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