Monday, November 26

Reassembly and Crating

Now that the lacquer is good and hard it’s time to put all the hardware back on the trunks. That goes much more quickly this time because the screw holes are already there so it is a simple matter of getting the right piece of hardware back in the right spot and installing the screws.

The next step is to open up the trunks and pack the tray so that it does not bounce around inside during transit. I do this with Styrofoam and bubble wrap. Then lock the lock and wire the keys to the lock bail for easy access when they get “home”.

Then I take some careful measurements and build a base for the crate, move the trunks onto it and strap them together with cellophane with Styrofoam between them. Then I begin sheathing the pair with sheets of foam.

That done, I cut the panels of crate board to make the container, and finally apply the wooden banding.

All that remains is to run the bill of lading and shipping labels and load it into our truck for the trip to White Pine and Old Dominions truck dock.

They’re on their way Lynn… hope they meet with your client’s approval.


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