Wednesday, November 14

Carcass Two

The morning session was spent gluing and clamping the maple trunk carcass together and installing the tray support rails. It took nearly all of my pipe and bar clamps to pull the corner post joint together snugly in both directions. Once it was all together I checked it for square, adjusted the clamps a little then left it alone to let the glue tack up securely.

In the mean time I made the arched lid support pieces. This has notches in it where the lid rails cross the supports. I attach a template to a pre-tenoned blank with a couple of wood screws and bandsaw around the template being careful not to cut into my template but also not to leave too much wood.

The next step is to trim the part to finished size on the router table fitted with a flush trim bit. The pilot bearing at the top of the bit rides on the template so the router cuts away all excess wood. Too much wood means the bit will burn and need to be replaced. When I’ve routed all around the template I remove the screws and attach the template on the next blank to do it again.

That done I mill the parts for the floor panel of the oak trunk.

When the day is done both trunk carcasses are complete and I’m ready to start on the lid. But that will have to wait until tomorrow, it’s getting late.

See you tomorrow,


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