Thursday, November 15

Lid Parts

Before I get started on today’s posting, let me remind folks who are peeking in here to see if their order has been started yet that our production schedule is available on the In The Shop page of our web site, Click Here to go there.

The dates shown as projected completion dates are estimated by our software based on the orders that have been placed the number of ManHours required to build each and the number of hours in our work week. The software that runs behind the web site is terribly complicated and is somewhat limited in what it can do. For instance, the production hours for a project don’t change as we perform the work on a project. A project that takes 30 hours will show 30 hours until we complete it and its status changes from Construction to In Transit, then all 30 hours come off the schedule in one lump sum.

It also doesn’t keep the orders in the proper numeric order, so it looks like someone may have jumped in line ahead of you. I have a programmer working on that issue now.

‘Nuff of that.

Today after removing the clamps from the complete oak trunk carcass I went back to making lid supports, and immediately twisted off a screw – oak does that if I don’t wax the screws first. I forgot – getting in a hurry because the deadline for this project is looming and Lynn is anxious.
Today I completed making the lid support rails, made the lid end pieces and rounded over the undersides of the lid rails so they fit into the radiused notches in the lid supports.

Then it was time to test fit all these parts together. Here I have the framework and end caps fitted together.

This is with the filler panels in place but the end capes moved aside. Fitting is good, now I take it all apart again and put it together again with glue and clamps. That will take the rest of this evening and most of tomorrow.

I’ll check in with you again then.

It's been another long day, time for some rest. G’nite!


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