Friday, November 16

Assembling Lids

The question has been asked why sometimes I talk about building four trunks and why sometime just two. The reason is that when Lynn – who is a consultant working with a furniture store in Chicago – first approached us about making some trunks she wanted four of them, and she needed a discount. By making parts for four trunks at one time, we can create a time savings over having to make four trunks individually. That is because it takes time to set up and tune each tool we use for each process. If we make all the parts needed while the tool is set up, that goes more quickly thus we can offer a discount on multiple items ordered at once. Not a tremendous discount mind you… but something.

Well, we quoted her a price based on four trunks but when she actually placed the order she only wanted two. To get the price point we were aiming for we need to make four trunks, so I’m milling out parts for four trunks, but when I get to the assembly stages I’m only building the two Lynn wants because she’s in a rush to get them. I’ll assemble the other two as I have spare time.

Huh… yeah… spare time… that’s a good one!

So, today I assembled (with glue and screws this time) the lid assemblies and squared them up. Doesn’t sound like much, does it… but it was a task and a half wrapping that top plate onto the support ribs and getting everything just where it needed to be. Then, once it was all in place and clamped, the clamps had to stay in place until the glue was completely dry or it would all pop loose again. The screws are installed after the lid is assembled as insurance.

I also made the parts for the trays that sit in the top part of the trunks.

Fortunately, Marie had an early meeting in Knoxville this morning so she was on the road and I was in the shop by 6:30. That extra couple of hours will help me get out of here on time this evening since it’s Friday and Marie and I have a standing date on Fridays. Don’t want to be late!

See you Monday,


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