Tuesday, November 27


Today was one of those “catch-up” days. I spent the morning doing the bookkeeping that I didn’t do at the appointed time because I was rushing to meet a deadline. I also brought in walnut lumber for a couple of TV Tray Table sets; one for Scott and one for Cheryl. Then I cut into a large piece of hickory I brought in last week and rouged out a blank for Mike’s walking stick.

No, I’ve never turned a walking stick before; this will be a first. But Mike is a good guy, and he needs a good stick, so I am happy to help out. Mikes stick needs to be 35” tip to top to fit him properly, so I lay-out where to cut off the turning blank so that the finished stick will be the right length. Then I cut it off.

And THEN I got busy cleaning this place up. For the past week or so I’ve been putting 12 to 14 hour days, most of the time leaving without cleaning up the shop first. All that accumulated saw dust and assorted tools scattered about makes my work just a bit more difficult, so it’s high time this place got cleaned up. The girls came around to say “hey” so I put them to work. Dolly stayed to help – or at least to keep me company, Zadie snuck off. Too nice a day to be stuck in doors.

I doubt that you’re interested in the details; cleaning is cleaning. Tomorrow we’ll get back to woodworking. As for tonight, I’m going to get out of here at a normal hour and go relax a bit.

See you tomorrow!


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