Tuesday, November 20

Finish Sanding & Techno Frustration

I spent most of today sanding and inspecting the two trunks. Not exciting. Not photogenic. Tiring. I spent the morning working on this; complacently bored.

At lunch time, things got exciting again. Yes, my lunch was good, but that wasn’t it. I got a call from a customer saying that he had sent me an e-mail and it had bounced saying my mail box was full. Wanted to know why I’m not checking my e-mail. I assured him that I check my e-mail several time each day, but I had not gotten any new e-mails since yesterday… I’d investigate.

It got messy from there. You don’t want to know the details, I’m sure. Technological spaghetti. One thing leading to another. I expected to find that an e-mail server had gone down, but it was much worse than that and much harder to pinpoint. Fixing the problem(s) involved an IM conversation with a programmer, a few phone calls to tech support personnel, and eventually, moving the entire website, database and e-mail system to a new host server. This used up a big chunk of the afternoon. Time I really couldn’t afford to spend because of the deadlines we’re under… but necessary if we’re to keep Smoky Mountain Woodworks up and running. And *that*, we have to do.

That’s done now, everything should be OK in a couple of hours when the new location propagates through out the Internet, so I’m going back to sanding. Boring, blessed, peaceful sanding!

Looks like a late evening again as I try to get back the lost time. I’ll post this now so I don’t forget to do it later.

See you tomorrow.


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