Thursday, April 20

Eng Gdn Bench Day 13

Work day begins: 7:00 AM We’re having a thunderstorm this morning so I can’t boot up the computers, so instead I stay in bed a while extra. Spring time in these mountain often starts the day with a pre-dawn storm, then it clears up and turns into a beautiful day. God is just watering his garden. Lunch Time The weather hasn’t cleared up, in fact at the moment it’s hailing – which is very LOUD under this tin roof. This morning I got the 26 back slats made and got some of them sanded. Workshop closes: PM This afternoon I finished sanding the back slats, and the upper and lower back rails for both benches. Then dove into “Fussy Fitting” one back assembly. There was a fair amount of fitting to do… many of the tenons were just a bit fat. But that’s OK, better then too thin. Billable Man Hours: 7 Billable Materials: All materials used were cut-offs from previous steps. Nothing new billed. To view the detailed construction article on this piece, click this entry’s title above. If you enjoy this Daily Shop Notes blog, you will also want to look at our Doug Bob blog, .which is available from my profile page.

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