Friday, April 7

Eng Gdn Bench Day 09

Work day begins: 6:30 AM Looking into a glitch with our computer network took some time this morning, but now I’m off to the workshop. Lunch Time This morning I roughed out the pieces I need for spreaders and seat supports. The spreaders were then trimmed to finished size and have the tenon shoulders cut. The seat supports are just roughed out. Workshop closes: 4:00 PM This afternoon I finished cutting out and shaping the seat rails (for the ends) and cut the tenons on the seat rails and the spreaders. I’ll take care of the seat supports next week when I’m ready to install the long rails. Right now I’m working on building the end frames. At this point I would normally set up the drill press to cut mortises. But Marie is wanting to make some stump candles tomorrow, and will be needing the drill press as a drill press. And there isn’t enough time left this afternoon to do more than make the change-over and tune the set-up. So I’ll wait to do those things until Monday, then I can get after the mortises once the machine is set up. So I’m closing up a little early in order to pick through the cedar branch pile for stock suited to stump candles. It’s supposed to thunderstorm tonight and tomorrow morning… might as well keep the stuff we’ll be working with dry by taking it inside now. Later on, I’ll do the construction article and post these notes. Have a good weekend! Billable Man Hours: 4 1/2 Billable Materials: 5.5 BF White Oak 3.5 BF Red Oak To view the detailed construction article on this piece, click this entry’s title above. If you enjoy this Daily Shop Notes blog, you will also want to look at our Doug Bob blog, .which is available from my profile page.

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