Monday, February 11

Top Plate

I was in early this morning because I knew there would be a lot of administrative type things to do today. I’ll spare you the details and simply say that they still consumed the whole morning. After lunch I spent some time bringing in lumber to acclimate. This is the only day (according to the weather guessers) that will be well suited for this task. It has been quite windy lately (wind gusts up to 45 mph) so even when it is not raining handling the 8 to 10 foot longs sheets of tin roofing single handedly would be dangerous. Today is cold, but still and sunny. Tomorrow it is supposed to start raining again.

Once that was done and the lumber piles capped off again I turned to Nance’s top plate. This had been glued up previously and has been leaning up against a wall for a week now to see if it will have a tendency to warp or curl. It is not.

So I trimmed it to finished size, sanded it to 100 grit and routed the edges to round them over softly. That done I mixed up a soupy batch of red oak grain filler and worked it into the grain with a wide putty knife, let it set up for a few minutes and scraped off the excess.

If this CD End Table were getting a gloss finish I’d have to do this to all of the parts, sand them and do it again at least once more, maybe twice. But it is not, so the grain filling is not a necessary step for anything but the top, which will be the most prone to trapping liquids and dust in the oak’s open grain. So I fill up the tops open pores before starting the finishing stage.

This will have to set for several hours to make sure it hardens well enough that I don’t drag it back out of the grain with the sand paper. I’ll get back to that tomorrow.

This evening will be spent working on some of the small projects that have been ordered in the past week or so… they’re piling up and some of them are bag handles from On Hand stock. The handles are made, but must be finish sanded and finished A.S.A.P.

See you tomorrow,


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