Tuesday, February 19

Case Assembly

Yesterday I said that today should be more normal… it was not. Still dealing with the aftermath of this fallen tree thing. Nothing horrible, just time consuming.

I did get a good chunk of time to myself this morning and I used it to scuff sand and assemble the drawer boxes then press all 108 sleeves into their holes in the drawer box sides.

It got wacky after lunch. In between other things I did manage to flip the table case upside down on the top plate and install the fasteners that will hold the top in place yet allow it to expand and contract. These heavy steel clips fit into a narrow slot cut into the side and back pieces. The top will not be glued to the casework because it must be able to “move” or it will crack.

Then I counter bored the screw holes that will attach the side panels to the front grid and the pack panel. These parts will get glued together because expansion is not a problem here. The last task was to bore the front apron for pocket hole screws. This piece will be attached with just screws not because of expansion but because should you ever break a drawer track on the lowest row of drawers, this piece would have to be removed to replace the broken track. So, screws only here. The screws are on the rear face of the piece so you won’t see them at all.

And that will do it for today.

See you tomorrow.


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