Tuesday, February 12

Drawer Parts Stock

The morning session was again eaten up with dealing with problems and phone calls. One problem deals with this project: some of the parts I had ordered were on back order. I checked on them and found that they were now back-ordered until early March. Not Good! So I Googled the parts, found another source and ordered what I needed – and some extra.

After lunch I got started making parts blanks the drawer boxes. This process started out by cross-cutting the 8 foot long boards into chunks on the chop saw. The chunks went through the surface planer for one pass on each face, then I ripped them to width (not to finished size, these “chunks” are always cut oversize) and laid them out to be resawn. This took a while, as my resaw blade is starting to get dull. Did you know that toasted poplar smells just like popcorn?

Then the parts went through the planer several times to smooth them out and take them down to finished thickness. That done I could trim the parts blanks down to finished width. I left them over length because of the joinery to be cut in them… by cutting the tricky joint first, if I mess up I have some extra length that allows me to cut the joint off and do it again. Not that I’m going to mess up, I just like to have a plan B, just in case.

Where the drawer sides meet up with the drawer fronts we will use a lock joint that makes for a good secure glue joint to keep the drawer front from pulling loose. It’s a bit tricky to cut. This shot is of a test done in scrap lumber to be sure I’ve got the dimensions right. Naturally the fit has to be perfect or it won’t work.

And it’s time for supper. This evening I will be working on the bag handle orders that have come in.

See you tomorrow,


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