Thursday, February 24

Custom TV Tray Tables – Spreaders: routing

Today I complete the task of making spreaders for the 8 TV Tray tables.
The two nail punch marks I made on the face of each upper spreader now come into play as center marks for a pair of holes drilled so their adjacent edges just touch.  Using a Forstner bit allows me to go back and drill out the wedges of waste wood between the holes, then nibble out any lumps that remain.
The result is a perfectly shaped oval hole.
Once that step is completed on all upper spreaders,  I set up the router table with a round-over bit
I use this to produce a bull-nose on both long edges and to round out the oval hole.
The last step is to lay out the pilot hole locations on the ends of the spreaders using my handy-dandy lay-out  jig and use the drill press to drill the pilot homes in each end of all the spreaders.
A little construction sanding to remove milling marks, and these parts are ready to assemble to the leg pairs to form table bases.  We will get to that next time.

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