Friday, February 18

Custom TV Tray Tables – Sanding Their Legs

Once all the legs are shaped and bored for screw holes I do the construction sanding.  This involves 100 and 120 grit papers.  I’ll do the finer grades by hand after the leg sets have been assembled and the screw holes plugged.
Making sure I keep the leg pairs paired up during sanding, I take each completed pair into the assembly room, pre-finish the area inside the pivot and install the pivot screw and rub washer.
When this is finally done (I had many interruptions) I have enough legs for both tables and a spare pair for the maple set.
The rest of this day will be spent milling parts blanks for the spreaders and mount blocks.  I’ll get into details on making those parts next time.
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What We’re Building:
Utility Trailer Make-Over for David B. - In Progress
4 Tray Tables, all walnut (custom size) with stand for Shelly – In Progress
4 TV Tray Tables and stand in maple for Jeffrey P. – In Progress
Kitchen organizer - Marie B.- Producing Design
Computer Desk for Laptop for Marie B.
Printer Cabinet for Marie B.

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