Wednesday, February 2

TV Tray Tables - Chunking Lumber

First, my apologies to Jeff for stating that is table set was to be walnut, it is in fact to be maple.  Jeff was paying attention, caught my error and pointed it out before I got off track too far.  Maple it is Jeff, Thanks!

After running all the boards through a surface planer to skim off the rough wood so I can better see the grain patterns, I choose the boards I want to use for the first parts.  That would be the legs. I start with the legs because these are the most sensitive to wood movement, so I want to use the best, straight-grained portions of the boards to make these.

After marking the sections of each board I want to use for leg blanks, I use the chop saw to chunk up the board, then set aside the sections until I get enough walnut and maple blanks to do 8 tables.

Then I run through the usual stock prep process of using the jointer to flatten one wide face and one edge.  This also squares this edge to the face.  Then I run all the blanks through the surface planer (shown here) with the jointed face down on teh bed.  The cutter above the board smooth the rough face and make it paralell to the jointed face.  Getting the surfaces all squared up is important so we don't end up with odd shaped parts.

That will consume my woodworking time for today.  Tomorrow I'll continue making legs.

What We’re Building:

Utility Trailer Make-Over for David B. - In Progress
4 Tray Tables, all walnut (custom size) with stand for Shelly – In Progress
4 TV Tray Tables and stand in maple for Jeffrey P. – In Progress
Kitchen organizer - Marie B.- Producing Design
Computer Desk for Laptop for Marie B.
Printer Cabinet for Marie B.

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