Saturday, December 11

Tray Tables – The Stand

Friday was a short day as I needed to take our truck in for servicing in the morning, then because I had the truck I needed to go back into town to pick up Marie when she ended her work day.  Then we both went to do the weekly grocery shopping.

Parts blanks with templates
But, in between those trips into town I did manage to finish cutting out, shaping, sanding and assembling the parts of the stand.  I also set up the finishing room in preparation to shooting lacquer.  By the time I got home from the evening run and helped tote the groceries in the house it was too cold to shoot lacquer.

Handle and feet use holes at corners
Handle being cut out
Lacquer, in liquid form, is deadly stuff.  It’s actually the lacquer thinner that is deadly, once it has evaporated out of the finish leaving the film of lacquer behind, it is as safe as any finish.  But while spraying, a respirator and room ventilation (or an activated  charcoal air scrubber) are absolutely required.  Breathing lacquer fumes can cause brain damage (yes, that explains it!).  Physical contact with lacquer thinner (and liquid lacquer) can cause cancer.  But then what doesn’t these days?

Foot and post being joined
Stand being assembled
My plan was to get at least the first two coats of lacquer on the entire table set by Friday evening, hopefully all three so I could poly the tray tops on Saturday and package them on Monday.  That plan got changed, so I’m putting in more time than I had planned on Saturday.  Hopefully I will get things back on schedule today.  If not, I may have to poly after church tomorrow and hope it hardens sufficiently by Monday to package.

Still on the List:
4 Cherry Tray Tables with Stand for Tina - In Progress
2 Walnut Tray Tables with Stand for Jacklyn
4-Tier Bottle Stopper Rack - Standard
4 Tray Tables, All Walnut with stand for Shelly
Walnut Steamer Trunk for David B.
3-Tier Bottle Stopper Rack, all red Oak for Donna
4-Tier Bottle Stopper Rack Cherry & Maple for David K.
2 3-Tier Bottle Stopper Racks (Standard) for Dan - Pending Payment

REMINDER:  As of December 31st, 2010 Smoky Mountain Woodworks will discontinue accepting custom woodworking orders.  Orders received by that date will be completed, but new custom orders will not be accepted. 

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