Thursday, December 16

Tray Tables - Parts Blanks Completed

A lot of progress was made today, despite a late start, although it may be hard to see by the picture.  What was accomplished was to make all the remaining parts blanks, as well as surface planning the ribbon panels, gluing them to the backer boards and trimming these assemblies to finished length.

What caused the late start was a freakish ice storm last night.  Lots of ice, but no storm.  The ground was so cold from having temperatures ranging from as low as 9° at night to the upper 20s during the day that when a mass of warm moist air moved in, the mist in the air, and a little rain, froze on contact.  But, temperatures were warming up (compliments of the warm air mass) so the ice was expected to go away by mid-day.
Even the gravel parking area in front of our house was so coated and slick that I did not dare risk crossing it and sliding down the steep slopes.  The warm rain pitted the ice enough after a couple of hours to provide enough footing that I could get down to grassy areas and walk to the shop.  Marie didn’t dare leave for work until about 2:00 pm.

Still on the List:
4 Cherry Tray Tables with Stand for Tina - In Transit
4-Tier Bottle Stopper Rack - Standard - In Transit
2 Walnut Tray Tables with Stand for Jacklyn - In Progress
Cutting Board Holder - Marie B.
----- Christmas Delivery Cut-Off ------
Utility Trailer Make-Over for David B. - In Progress but Stalled
4 Tray Tables, All Walnut (custom size) with stand for Shelly
Walnut Steamer Trunk for David B.
3-Tier Bottle Stopper Rack, all red Oak for Donna
4-Tier Bottle Stopper Rack Cherry & Maple for David K.
3-Tier Bottle Stopper Rack (Standard) for Dan G.

REMINDER:  As of December 31st, 2010 Smoky Mountain Woodworks will discontinue accepting custom woodworking orders.  Orders received by that date will be
completed, but new custom orders will not be accepted.  

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