Monday, December 13

Tray Tables - Poly On!

I spent Saturday afternoon and evening in here lacquering Tina's tray table set.  I let that set up hard overnight, then came in after church on Sunday to apply the polyurethane skim coat to the tray panels that helps to prevent damage from modern living.  This is still fine furniture and deserves to be treated as such, but the thin top-coat of high grade tung-oil polyurethane helps ward off the water rings that lacquer alone is susceptible to.

That has set overnight and has hardened up, so I will crawl up in the loft of the lumber shed and pull down a couple of boxes for these two sets of tray tables.  These boxes are made up special for us for use in shipping these tables.  They are just the right size to adequately protect the table set in shipping AND just within the size limit to avoid additional shipping fees incurred by stepping up to the next tier of service.

I'll then cut up a sheet of 3/4" styrofoam to make the packaging parts needed to protect the tables in shipment and package the tables securely.

Once that is done I'll turn my attention to the next two orders.  More about those next time.

Still on the List:
4 Cherry Tray Tables with Stand for Tina - Packaging for shipment
2 Walnut Tray Tables with Stand for Jacklyn - In Progress
4-Tier Bottle Stopper Rack - Standard - In Progress
Cutting Board Holder - Marie B.
----- Christmas Delivery Cut-Off ------
Utility Trailer Make-Over for David B. - In Progress but Stalled
4 Tray Tables, All Walnut with stand for Shelly
Walnut Steamer Trunk for David B.
3-Tier Bottle Stopper Rack, all red Oak for Donna
4-Tier Bottle Stopper Rack Cherry & Maple for David K.
2 3-Tier Bottle Stopper Racks (Standard) for Dan - Pending Payment

REMINDER:  As of December 31st, 2010 Smoky Mountain Woodworks will discontinue
accepting custom woodworking orders.  Orders received by that date will be
completed, but new custom orders will not be accepted.

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