Tuesday, December 14

Christmas Rush - Home Stretch

Today’s activities, woodworking ones, included getting Tina’s TV Tray table set on the FedEx truck and on it’s way to her, then sanding Susan’s bottle stopper rack body the parts for which I made yesterday and glued together.  The shelves were on hand from a previous run, so all they needed was some sanding.  So I’m ahead of the game on that one.

Then I ripped out the ribbon strips for Jacklyn’s walnut tray table set and glued up the ribbon panels.  The backer boards are cut already.  And this evening I milled out the rail stock blanks.  Tomorrow I will finish making these parts and (hopefully) get the trays assembled.

I did some checking last night and found that there are a great many people having trouble with the Picasa photo handler that Google set up to handle photos in Blogger, so I am not alone.  One troubleshooter suggests that it is a conflict with Internet Explorer and other browsers don’t have the problem.  I’ll try it with Chrome (Google’s own browser) and see if it works.  If so, I’ll go back and install the photos for the past few episodes.

Looks like it worked!  See you tomorrow.

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