Tuesday, December 1

Catching Up

The three doors I was lacquering for Carl are done and moved out into the Assembly Room awaiting him to bring me the next batch and pick these up. In the mean time, I’m sanding and staining the remaining flat door in this batch. This sanding is all done by hand so I don't risk sanding through the thin oak veneer, and to be sure there are no swirls left by the random orbit sander. Over the past week we got a whole bunch of bid requests and one purchase of an On-Hand stopper rack. One of those estimates has also turned into Ann's order for a pair of custom built Tray Tables, construction of which will begin soon. The Christmas Season is upon us! But if these others want to get their custom items by Christmas, they’d best get the order in quickly. The photo here is of the Walnut & Cherry tables she likes, but in the Heavy Duty version. Ann ordered the Classic version, but the look of the colors will be the same, this is just the only photo I have of a Walnut & Cherry combo table. On Monday, while waiting for stain on the door to cure, I laid out the hardware placement on the oak steamer trunk. Some of it needed to be taped in place while I drilled pilot holes for the screws. I set up my drill with a quick-change chuck so I could just snap the Vix bit and screw driver bit in and out as needed. All hardware went on as it came out of the package except for the corner knuckles on the lid. Because the lid is domed and the knuckles are made for a square corner, I have to re-shape these 4 knuckles to accommodate the rise of the domed top. By 5:30 I had all the hardware installed and was ready to go home for dinner. I’ll leave this hardware in place while I build the tray that goes inside the top of the trunk, then remove all the hardware, finish sand the entire trunk and shoot it with lacquer before re-installing the hardware. Then this one will be ready to go up for sale. HOWEVER, new orders take precedence over items for stock, so work on this will get suspended while I work on Ann’s tray tables and any other items that get ordered. If anyone is interested in this trunk for Christmas, they can place an order for it. Then it becomes a paid order and I will be able to complete it quickly. Otherwise it will most likely be after Christmas before it gets completed. At least I HOPE we will be getting more orders that will keep me busy!

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